Testimonials, reviews, feedback, comments - we've had so many over the years. Both from clients and peers.

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Here's what top business people say about V Factor and Des Vadgama:

As a World leading authority on exponential business growth, I've met 1000s of high-performance entrepreneurs. Des Vadgama stands out as one of the few who delivers results - consistently.
Dan Pena - built a $400 million company in 8 years. Author of Your First 100 Million

Over the last 5 years that I've been fortunate to know Des Vadgama, he has always focused on direct solutions and results. Along the way, this has added new-found revenues of over £2,000,000. Extremely high level of performance, commitment, dedication and professionalism. If Des chooses to work with you or your company, then get ready for aggressive, sometimes uncomfortable, business growth.
Martin Welch, leading seminar speaker, Berkshire

Using some of these business growth strategies, I've made over $55 million (£35 million) for my clients. Since meeting Des Vadgama in 1996, he has always over-delivered. And cuts right through to the key points in a company, avoiding hype and bluff.
David Abingdon, CEO, The Alchemy Network

From deals and introductions made by Des Vadgama, I've generated an additional £350,000...
Stuart Goldsmith. UK direct mail expert and entrepreneur

When I was in the process of taking my small company public, I paid a small fortune to attend seminars (promoted by Des Vadgama) on fast business growth. The results speak for themselves. My company won first place with the Deloitte & Touche Indy 100 Awards 2002 for the fastest growing mid-cap company in the UK over a consecutive 5 year period.
David Garofalo, Business Angel Investor, Surrey

The service is excellent. With the back-up and help, I've been pointed in the right direction every time. The advice and support that I have been given is excellent, and the strategies will reap big rewards. The system is methodical, consistent and VERY effective.
Mark Burnett, Banbury - acquiring a small construction company

With Des's drive, vision, and overwhelming experience in business, this will help propel you to huge success. I know - I've worked with him!
Martin Burt - Fast Business Association, Worthing

I have tried numerous different business start-up solutions and this is the only one that does what it says on the box. Des gives you all the help and support you could ever ask for.
Bob Maskall - corporate leadership expert, Anglesey

The service provided by V Factor is excellent. I have been able to pick up the phone as and when I needed to discuss ideas and concepts. And Des responds fast!. The advice and support that I have been given is second-to-none, and the strategies that we're implementing will hugely increase the cashflow into my business. The whole approach is simple and laid back, yet very effective! Thanks.
Paul Rothwell, property investor - current portfolio value: over $6 million (£4 million)

Having known Des for over 23 years, he has consistently empowered more and more entrepreneurs and business owners. His business skills and experience have generated more profit for more businesses than almost anyone I've known.
Ron G Holland, best-selling financial author, top business guru and fund-raising supremo

The business consulting and advice landscape is full of authors, academics, fancy theories and big egos. Des and his team are way ahead in adding real financial value to companies and their growth plans
Peter Sage, International business development specialist

Des Vadgama is an innovator who continually delivers results. Along with his team and high-calibre network of contacts and experts, you'll receive the most direct solution to achieve your business objectives
Jonathan Blain. International best-selling business author and professional speaker

Des and his network of contacts are some of the finest and sharpest business people I've ever met. Over the past 9 years, these introductions have helped me reap a 12-fold profit increase in my business and professional life...
John Pawlett, serial entrepreneur, top on-line marketing consultant

I can vouch for Des Vadgama any time - on any deal. I've known him about 12 years when I first attended one of his seminars. He keeps coming up with superb ideas, superb material and superb deals. I left a big corporation to start up my own coaching and consultancy network of 1,000 executives and professionals. My income and net worth has soared and I'm having more fun in my 50's than ever before - working on start ups, JVs and flotations worth over £50 million...
John K Spittal BSc, DMS, MCMI, FCMA, MSI, CEO, Alpha Team

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Des Vadgama has a great skill in understanding the markets that he operates in. He consistently offers relevance and high quality delivery accompanied by a personal touch when required. We have always benefited…we are real fans!
John Matthews, Multifinance Solutions

My scepticism was soon allayed by your speedy response to my queries and, true to your word, I was able to bounce ideas off of you. You were happy to answer my questions and have given me some great guidance and bespoke ideas that are already proving highly effective. After our first conversation, it was clear to me that your years of experience have made you a valuable source of knowledge when it comes to growing businesses and increasing profits. Better than that, the information you provide gives practical, tried and tested steps for implementation. After all, what good is any information if you can't see a way to put it into practice? I can now see quite clearly how I can make a successful business, with great earning potential using your powerful strategies.Thanks.
Mary Townsend, NetStrengths

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