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I do not have a business. Will V Factor help me?
Yes. V Factor will guide you to the ideal business opportunity for you personally. This will give you the best and highest reward for your time and input. As you know, quite often this is all about having the right 'match'

Do we need to meet?
Not necessary. There's no need to travel, or attend any meetings or seminars. Besides, almost 90% of business meetings are a complete waste of your valuable time. The full V Factor experience is handled by phone and email, so you can make the most of this - wherever you're based on the planet. And quite happy to arrange an initial meeting, if required.

What are the V Factor charges and fees?
It depends on your overall vision, ambition, business objectives and aims. A large part of our fees are based on the results you and your business achieve, along with a fixed fee to work on your venture. You're likely to make at least 10 to 20 times this amount. What are YOUR revenue and profit goals?

I have very little time - how will I benefit?
Fortunately, very little of your time is required to make the biggest gains in your business. What's more, there's nothing to learn or changes to make. Just a few simple steps to take you to far more success

So how quickly can I expect results?
Sometimes within a few weeks, but usually within a few months. For sure, you'll be impressed!

How does this differ from coaching and consultancy?
Hugely. The results you'll experience will be far faster and direct. No changes, no learning, and no preaching!

I understand you're quite selective about the businesses you work with - is that right?
That's absolutely true. As a large part of our reward is connected with the results we deliver for you, it makes sense that we choose our clients wisely. Same applies to you.

I get a headache from attending seminars and trying to work through tons of recorded and written material, so this sounds ideal. What's the catch?
Absolutely none. You'll receive the perfect, tailor-made and bespoke solution for your business success - fast

What about the recent global meltdown/financial chaos/economic uncertainty?
Your timing couldn't be better! With V Factor, you'll quickly see and experience specific, larger opportunities to make massive gains and profits

Is it really true that some of your clients are famous - or well-known entrepreneurs?
Maybe! More details to be revealed shortly…

I have just ONE more question - what do I do?
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