There's no doubt - V Factor absolutely trumps any other way of achieving your business and financial goals. But everyone wants proof.

So here are just a few examples of V Factor successes…

The ambitious dentist

A dentist called Jeff and his wife were doing OK with their dental practice. It was quite a stretch for them to pay the fees that we proposed - but they went ahead anyway.

Since then, their business has taken a massive leap forward. Last we heard, this couple were branching out into the booming childrens' day care sector, and looking to aggressively buy a number of existing outlets.

Fast-growth business going public

David headed up one of the fastest expanding network of IFA (financial adviser) networks in the UK. He had already put together a great team of experienced directors to take his company public in London. But David was missing crucial aspects of his strategy and game plan to ensure a successful flotation.

Again, cashflow was a challenge as the company was growing so fast. But once David came on board with us, he knew EXACTLY what to do. He then pushed forward with his plans, quickly building a market value of $20 million-plus (over £12 million).

Phenomenal growth, simple strategy

Property training and investment company. This business was just getting started in 2001, when our services were recommended. Jim, the founder, was desperately looking for the most profitable way to generate a substantial number high fee-paying clients.

Quickly put together a highly-effective marketing campaign - from the ground up. And also introduced a couple of important contacts. The company became a huge success, expanded real fast and annual revenues soon exceeded $50 million (£30 million). Very few companies can boast such an impressive growth rate.

Property portfolio profits

Paul, a young guy in his mid-20s, had already built up a property portfolio worth almost $6 million (£4 million) in just 2 years. Even though these were high-yield units, cashflow was a major problem - especially in a fast-expansion mode. V Factor recently put together a simple, clear strategy for adding a six-figure high-margin stream of income - related to his main business. Paul is real excited and is implementing this as fast as he can.

Many entrepreneurs have made millions upon millions of dollars (and pounds) by using the V Factor in their business. Would you like to be next?

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