V Factor is ideal for you if you're an entrepreneur or business owner. Your current revenues (turnover) may be zero - or in 7-figures and beyond. Doesn't matter whether you're based in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia or Africa. This system really works.

In short, V Factor will help you reap far higher rewards within your business. No doubt at all. Proof and full details below …

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There are currently 1000s of consultants, gurus, business coaches, mentors and experts in the field of business growth and marketing. How do you choose the perfect match for you and your business? Well, here's a brief checklist:

1. Does the consultant have real-world commercial experience? Too many get carried away with too much theory, without focusing on results delivered to clients.

2. Are you really being heard? Most gurus love the sound of their own voice, totally ignoring your issues, problems or challenges.

3. Seek out specialists who say No. Experts that really can help you and your business will tell you EXACTLY what they can and cannot do.

4. Always obtain a clear and defined proposal on the work to be done, along with benchmarks.

5. Structure follows strategy. Be sure you and your mentor develop the right strategy for your company - at the start.

You already know that there's huge opportunities in the current economic crisis and chaos. At V Factor, we will help you exploit and leverage many market gaps that are opening.

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Elegant solutions

V Factor is all about giving you the most direct, most elegant solution. Simple example: whilst NASA spent billions in developing a pen that would write upside-down in space, the Russians just went ahead and used…a pencil!

The world's most elite entrepreneurs - we're talking about the richest 1% - are already using many elements of the V Factor. But you won't read or hear about this anywhere.

What's more, you won't be bombarded with tons of stuff to learn. There's already too many programs out there - driven by bulk. Nothing wrong with bulk - 1000s of pages of content, 100s of hours of seminar content, or audio and video footage. But how much of all this really relates to YOU, personally? Maybe 5%?

The vast majority of business training, consultancy or coaching is really NOT effective. 95% of it is generic and follows conventional wisdom. The financial chaos over the past few months prove that conventional wisdom does not work. And a huge number of experts have been exposed as the biggest losers.

Once you receive your 100% bespoke solution, you'll see and feel yourself achieving your business goals with ease and simplicity. And with absolute clarity, power and focus. What's more, you'll probably end up working far, far less.

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About Des Vadgama

Business owners who really want massive business and profit growth of 100%, 200% or more have sought out Des Vadgama, founder of V Factor.

Des has helped and guided countless entrepreneurs to success and super-success over the last 20 years - whilst they accomplish all their financial and business goals and dreams in record time.

Along the way, he built up a successful seminar promotion business. Had clients queuing up for live events on business growth - at up to $20,000 (£12,000) a head. Then built up a unique and highly-profitable online business, which was sold in 2005. Semi-retired at age 40 in southern Spain.

Has since launched V Factor, his most exciting venture ever. Des lives with his wife Helena in NW London, along with their young son.

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